About Seveny

7Y's Kois
~~~~A fascinating koi artist

Seveny Chen, known professionally as “Seveny”, has had over 20 years of working in the magazine, print, and design business before fine tuning his talents to ViViD Magazine as its graphic consultant. He is a graduate of the Guangzhou Fine Art Institution in China and has a degree in Ornamental Design as well. In 2006, Seveny became a part of ViViD Magazine in southern California as the graphic consultant.  

Raising koi is one of Seveny’s favorite hobbies. As a Koi Club member of China, he carried his arts and extended friendships to the other koi enthusiasts from different cities. For the  2010 Chinese New Year, the Chinese Postal Office in Shanghai issued a set of postcards with Seveny’s koi watercolor paintings. This is the first set of koi postcard issued by the Chinese Post Office. Its limited and collectable features has earned him a lot of fans. "Koi China" magazine also featured seveny’s paintings in many issues... In Los Angeles, he had an interview with TBWTV to introduce his arts as well...  Seveny's art has became more and more popular in Chinese koi society today. From the home decor to business offices or lobbies, you can see 7Y’s style kois on the wall. Koi fans are used to ask Seveny “Buddy 7” to express as their preference.

About Seveny's art

Seveny started drawing at a very young age. He kept on painting while doing graphic design as a career. There are some interesting aspects of Seveny's art. He thinks koi fish is a collaboration of art and nature. He takes great pleasure in fusing this art onto paper, and sharing this experience with other enthusiasts. He said, "Chinese watercolor painting is full of joy, it requires many special materials and skills to create koi’s variety of aspects. One good example is, the white area of the paintings is reserved paper-white.  It is difficult to keep those paper-white compare to using white color paste, especially useing the very special Chinese rice_paper. Inks easily run everywhere if you don't have sufficient skills to control the water..."  He is proud that he comes from such a traditional Asian arts' background and yet maintains a colorful aspect combining contemporary fine art concept as well. It is not just a simple mix; it is an innovative use on top of both traditional Chinese and pure watercolor paintings.

And the story goes on. We look forward to seeing more and more of 7Y-style kois being created in the future. Koi's beauty has no boundaries. We are all fascinated by it and hopefully can express our ideas as good as Seveny's watercolor art.